Institutional feeders tend to offer more buffet-style food service, and generally have larger inventories. Institutional feeders typically require multiple profit center environments, and rely on strong purchasing and ordering functions.

Many institutional feeders use cycle menus and require menu planning capability to handle them. They also tend to require nutritional analysis, commissary and external requisitioning capabilities. IT requirements for institutions can run from simple to vastly complex, and some institutional feeders operate numerous venues, requiring multi-site and consolidation capability at the enterprise level.

"As a leading culinary school with a complex environment that includes 27 profit centers, our needs are unique. We originally elected FOOD-TRAK for the multi-function purchasing capabilities and extensive reports, and now utilize much more of the system and tailor the software to suit our needs. We build recipes, add pictures, maintain historical data and even use it to determine the materials fee for our students.

FOOD-TRAK has definitely met all my expectations and we use it fully to satisfy our very diverse needs."

Nank Chatterpaul, George Brown College - Culinary Division