Save Time, Increase Accuracy and Get Immediate Results with the Mobile Partner (FMP)
By eliminating the time spent creating, producing, reorganizing and entering data from paper forms, clients who include FMPs in their system configuration report time savings of up to 80% and enjoy the immediate availability and accuracy of the data collected with our industry-leading mobile solution. Instant inventory extension, immediate PO to invoice reconciliation, requisitions and transfers available as quickly as they are entered and on-the-fly inventory level spot checks combine to provide nearly immediate payback - not to mention making these tasks far more enjoyable for those who have to perform them. Watch the video!

Go Green

Going green has never been more profitable! Inventory forms, purchase orders, transfers and requisitions have always been completed with paper forms. The FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner (FMP) allows FOOD-TRAK clients to eliminate paper forms and all the additional data entry, inaccuracies and delays associated with them.

"Eliminating manual input processes is saving significant amount of Inventory Control labor hours along with decreasing the amount of written and key entry errors. The acceptances of the handhelds by our staff has been outstanding, and we are continuing to increase the use of the handhelds in all areas of the F&B process."

- Allen Poag, Comptroller
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Saganing Eagles Landing Casino

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FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner