FOOD-TRAK university

FOOD-TRAK University is a series of 1-2 hour web-based training courses designed to provide attendees with a solid comprehension and the skills required to effectively utilize the functions within the FOOD-TRAK System covered by the class. With the live instructor and web-based demonstration format provided, attendees are able to actively participate in the learning process and interact directly with their instructor. Courses are arranged by department and cover various key functions within the system. A course Study Guide will be provided to each participant allowing them to refer back to the information from the class for future reference. The following courses are available for purchase:

IT IT 100: Introduction to FOOD-TRAK
IT 103: Introduction to the FMP-NG
IT 110: Introduction to FOOD-TRAK Mobile Partner
IT 120: POS Integration
DATABASE DBS 101: Introduction to Database Management
DBS 102: Purchased Items
DBS 120: Templates
DBS 200: Products
PROCUREMENT PRO 200: Introduction to Procurement
PRO 201: Bidding (Standard)
PRO 202: Bidding (Advanced)
PRO 220: Affiliate Orders
PRO 230: Requisitions
PRO 240: Requisitions/Transfers with the FOOD-TRAK Mobile App
PRO 300: Ordering
PRO 301: Ordering via Advanced Procurement
CULINARY CUL 110: Recipes
CUL 120: Enterprise Recipes
CUL 200: Nutrition
CUL 300: Sales Mix & Menu Analysis
COMMISSARY COM 101: Commissary Setup Tasks
COM 102: Customer Database Setup
COM 103: Customer Ordering
COM 104: Commissary Sales Orders and Shippers
WAREHOUSE WHS 200: Introduction to Warehouse Logistics
WHS 201: Mobile Partner Bar Code Capture
WHS 300: Pick List and Transfers via Advanced Procurement
WHS 310: Pick List and Transfers
ACCOUNTING ACCT 100: Cost Reduction Basics
ACCT 200: Inventory with the Mobile Partner
ACCT 201: Taking Manual Inventory
ACCT 202: Inventory with the FOOD-TRAK Mobile App
ACCT 203: Inventory with the FMP-NG
ACCT 300: Receiving with the Mobile Partner
ACCT 301: Receiving Manual
ACCT 302: Receiving with the FOOD-TRAK Mobile App
ACCT 303: Receiving with the FMP-NG
ACCT 400: Invoice Reconciliation

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