Mobile App (FMA)

Installing on Android and Apple devices, the FMA connects directly to the FOOD-TRAK System, eliminating any need for synchronization. The app provides flexibility and functionality on smartphones and tablets - by far the most widely used and familiar of mobile platforms. The FMA was designed to help our clients eliminate paper forms and instead collect the data where it lives. The menus, selection and data entry screens all have a fresh, clean look, while the forms were designed for speed and to take advantage of the touchscreen features common to the platform. Moving between items on a form can be done with a simple swipe and the camera on the device can be used to scan barcodes to bring items up on the form instantly. We also offer the FMA Scanner Version, which is installed on ruggedized Zebra laser scanners for hassle-free and super-fast bar code scanning. By keeping the FMA data entry forms consistent with the FOOD-TRAK System forms on all platforms, users will benefit from a faster implementation and little to no training required. The app is easy to learn and fun to use!


Compatible with Apple IOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Take inventory, create requisitions and transfers, receive goods, record waste, create shopping lists and more

Easy to learn – similar to FMP and main FOOD-TRAK system

Uses camera to scan barcodes

Connect via WiFi or cellular network – connected to host system – no need to synchronize

View recipes, print routing slips and invoice reconciliation reports

FOOD-TRAK Mobile App
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