cloud service

Rapid changes in technology and the constant upgrading of software has forced companies of all sizes to consider the advantages of hosted systems. The FOOD-TRAK® Cloud Service gives you the full capabilities of the FOOD-TRAK System without worrying about hardware, software, backups or upgrades. Get the immediate benefit of the system without budgeting for equipment, software or the IT staff to maintain it. Reap the benefits of nightly backups, uninterrupted service, updated software and the ability to make configuration changes easily and quickly. Clients and prospects are opting for the FOOD-TRAK Cloud Service in ever-increasing numbers, as it clearly represents the future of computing.
  • Eliminates the need for servers, operating system and SQL software licenses

  • Run FOOD-TRAK from any computer running Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 or

    higher – work from home, the office or on the road

  • Lower your labor cost. No IT staff required to maintain the servers or apply

    software updates. We handle all updates and maintain all hardware

  • You will always be running the most current version of the software ultimate

    flexibility – add or remove modules at will – the system can expand or contract

    as needed with just a phone call

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