catering, production and menu planning

The FOOD-TRAK® Catering, Production and Menu Planning Module (CPM) expands the core functionality of the FOOD-TRAK® System to handle production planning and tracking, cyclical menus, catering and fabrication tracking. Clients that benefit the most from this module are operations with high volumes that rely on production planning to maximize efficiency, as well as operations that do significant catering or fabrication work. Operations save time and labor in the preparation and planning while also obtaining accurate menu and event costs. The CPM module is required for clients who wish to interface the FOOD-TRAK® System with their current catering system.

Features include:

  • Menu costing for catered events and menu plans
  • Production planning for menu plans
  • Freezer pull and daily production reports
  • Variance tracking for production items
  • Facilitation of cycle menus and plans
  • Fabrication tracking for multiple items cut from one source
  • Specialized reporting