enterprise information system

The FOOD-TRAK® Enterprise Information System is a stand-alone system intended for corporate operations whose multi-site FOOD-TRAK® data needs to be consolidated at the corporate level, and whose reports may need to be shared at various levels of the corporate structure.

Conceptually, the system resembles a data warehouse, and works on a basic import/export arrangement. Individual sites export data files that are then imported and stored in a central corporate database. Once inside the corporate database, those disparate sets of data are used to create consolidated reports. These reports can be distributed for viewing in a variety of ways.

  • Data export/import completely automated
  • Access from anywhere via web browser
  • Flexible store grouping functions (regions, districts, etc.)
  • Consolidation, comparison and exception reporting across stores
  • Data cubes and open database (SQL-based) approach
  • Robust security features
  • Capable of storing data from 3rd party products (POS, Time Management, etc.)

FOOD-TRAK Enterprise Information